My session with Monika was absolutely amazing. She created such a safe, non judgmental space for me to share freely. When she saw what was bothering me she was very thorough in explaining to me what was happening with my energy and how I could continue to heal. Over the next few days I could feel more of my creative energy coming back to me instead of leaking out and I was able to have more of my energy to do tasks that I would normally procrastinate. I feel so energized and creative since our session! If you’re thinking of getting a session with Monika, don’t put it off. She’s really incredible at getting to the root cause of issues.


Intuitive Coaching

Monika holds a powerful space that welcomes all human experiences. She is fearless in the face of healing old traumas and clearing non-physical interferences. She effortlessly navigates into the darkness residing at the core of an issue and provides direct healing insights and empowering shifts in consciousness. In one session, Monika helped me shift a looping negative self-belief into a constructive outlet for creative self-expression. Thank you for sharing your gifts, Monika!


Intuitive Coaching

Monika has helped create Find The Light website and also helped with the administration side of the business. Monika has been a asset to Find The Light. Her professionalism and abilities to problem solve has been remarkable. Monika has ambition and works deligently in very stressful situation. Monika’s creativity shines through her work which has lead to some fantastic website ideas, which has helped the business grow. I highly recommend Monika. Not only is she fantastic at what she does, she is also a very kind lady and lovely to work with.

Rebecca Barron

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