Healing Session

Monika’s personal healing journey has been the catalyst to assist others in their own process. From a traumatic childhood to having to deal with severe psychic attacks, these events led her to question the reality we live in and heightened her willingess to understand the unseen.

Monika is a facilitator between you and your consciousness. She investigates your situation and gather information that she shares with every aspect of yourself. In doing so, she helps you shift your energy and get rid of the interference, limiting belief or anything that is blocking you from embodying your true essence and manifesting your best life.

You are your own healer and the creator of your life. Monika is just here to help you remember what an empowered being you are!

Monika speaks English and French. Therefore, she can conduct sessions in both languages.

Fee for a 1 hour session: 150 euros ≈ £125/$165

Monika’s schedule:

2 slots in the morning (Paris, France time. UTC+1) every day of the week, weekends included. To check with your local time, please click here.

9.30am – 10.30am

11.00 am – 12pm

1 slot in the evening from Monday to Thursday for people living in America:


A session is conducted over Zoom or Telegram.

Payment through Paypal in Euros. Details will be given by email.