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Intuitive services for individuals & businesses




“MK WebCreation was inspired by a sense of freedom and creativity. It is where all my gifts and skills join forces to see you thrive in your personal and professional life!”


For Individuals


Intuitive healing to help you shift your energy and get rid of the interference, limiting belief or anything that is blocking you from embodying your true essence and manifesting your best life.

You are your own healer and the creator of your life. Monika is just here to help you remember what an empowered being you are!

For Businesses


From Branding to Webdesigning, all my gifts & skills join forces to assist you in the making of your online presence. A place that deserves to be as unique as you are!

Intuitive guidance to release any blockages that may impact your business in a negative way whether it is an inner or outside cause.

“My session was absolutely amazing.”

“If you’re thinking of getting a session with Monika, don’t put it off. She’s really incredible at getting to the root cause of issues.”

Renae – Healing Session

“Monika holds a powerful space that welcomes all human experiences.”

“Monika helped me shift a looping negative self-belief into a constructive outlet for creative self-expression.”

Christy – Healing Session

“Monika has been an asset to Find the Light.”

“I highly recommend Monika. Not only is she fantastic at what she does, she is also a very kind lady and lovely to work with.”

Rebecca, Find The Light – Business Services


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